Why you should learn Chinese Mandarin: 4 WHYs.

A few years back when I started learning mandarin, a couple of persons asked me, “Why did you choose to learn Chinese?”, “Why Chinese, of all foreign languages? ”, and quite a hilarious one was, “China is over-populated, you will not see a space to place your feet” (Each time, I remember this one, I giggle).  A few years later, the question wasn’t the same anymore. It became, “why not learn Chinese?” Not particularly because that is the only path to success but because it, like all languages, local or foreign, is an opportunity that can take you around the globe.

People may dislike learning Chinese mandarin because of how hard it supposedly is, but the truth, whether you are looking for new career skills, new academic pursuits, new opportunities in life, the Chinese language remains one of the absolute, best investments you can make with your free time that promises to pay off well.

So, why should you learn Chinese mandarin? It’s because

1.     It’s not hard to. Chinese mandarin is easy. You just think it’s hard. While there are languages that are easier to learn than the Chinese language, it is by no means the most difficult to learn.  For a number of reasons, the Chinese language in people’s mind developed into a misconceived difficulty, people think it is almost impossible because of the exaggerated sounds of the tones and the nature of its writing system which is alien to most people, especially English speakers, but the good news is that even the difficult outlook of the characters which is very obvious has fortunately been discovered by mandarin learners to be surmountable.

Attaining an appreciable level of proficiency is easier now than in the days of huge, hard cover dictionaries, endless characters and poorly recorded tapes. Digitally assisted learning techniques provide learners with great dictionary programs like Pleco and brilliant clips for learning like teachings on Survival Chinese with Oge @ Oge Patrick via YouTube.

2.     China is rising economically. With China’s booming economy and its maintained position as a rising global economy, the language has never been more attractive. In the past three decades, China has pushed on and transformed itself from a third-world, impoverished country to become what everyone thinks to be arguably an enviable economy. Within this period, China opened its gates to encourage foreign investments and economic cooperation. Because of this, there has been a huge demand for mandarin speakers who can serve as translators and business partners to bridge the gaps in the growing relationship between China and the world.

3.     You become a rare commodity. Because Chinese skills are scarce, opportunities abound for you. With your degree certificates and your wonderful results, you have done well to obtain a required qualification which millions of young graduates have and are still jobless. You might agree that they are jobless because there is nothing particularly unique about the services they can offer and deliver.

There is a huge demand and very lucrative wages for fluent Mandarin speakers. By learning the Chinese language, you can transform from a low-income earner to an extremely valuable person in the success of co-operations and projects in China with an attractive hire and better living conditions. This again, in no way is meant to demean degree certificate acquisition but meant to encourage youths to push towards acquiring skills that can make them stand out.

4.     Have a deeper understanding of the world. Your Chinese language skills grant you access to communicating with more than a billion people in the world. There are plenty of opportunities when you open up yourself to the world and this is significantly true for all those who seek to pursue their career in China and call China home. While English is widely spoken in Nigeria and most European countries, the case is not the same in China. The students learn English in their schools but few are proficient in useful levels so only through speaking mandarin can someone really enjoy China and experience everything its millennia-old civilization has to offer.

Despite the controversies and the struggle for power between the U.S and China, and the influence of the Chinese government on the African countries, it is key to positioning yourself to understand the change of times and be able to benefit from it, no matter what happens. This points out that you will stand better chances to understand the plans of a people when you can speak their language, therefore, with the mandarin, you may be of great help to yourself and your people.  Again, because times change, and power is not static in a place, the future of the world in decades to come will likely be shaped by this billion-strong population of China, and it is indeed a hugely useful move to learn to speak to these people and understand their culture.

And one more thing,

If you are excited about learning Chinese, then you will love Survival Chinese with OgeIt naturally eases you into learning the Chinese language in comprehensible bits and assimilable chunks.

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