One of the most powerful tools of the devil is FEAR. He wants to get you thinking someone is after your life or something bad is happening to you or someone close to you, and because you brood over his lies and negativity and your mind is tilted towards it, bad things may happen. The devil, like a software Engineer, programs your mind and uses it against you. He controls your hardware (body) by writing languages and designing operating instructions in your software (mind). He makes you believe that bats are agents of witchcraft and should be killed with the blood of Jesus, even when you could have used the slippers and brooms around you, and you forget that bats fly at night because they are nocturnal animals and are adapted to extreme low light conditions, and because they are conscious of natural and artificial lights, they will try to avoid them as much as they can. By this, it must have dawned on you that powerful lighting in your home could be a way of dealing with bats. Also, it might amaze you to know that these bats which you perceive as evil are protected species in a couple of places and it is deemed illegal to possess, injure or kill bats in such places.

The devil must be having some fun manipulating man. He invents superstitions, making you believe that when you sneeze, somebody somewhere is calling you or mentioning your name and because the call maybe coming from a coven, you will need to plead the blood of Jesus Christ and verbally warn the event never to repeat, but sneezing is a reflex action induced by irritation in the nose.

Many religious people have been sub-consciously programmed to believe that Demons meet at midnight around 12am-3am and being stiff-necked, even if God prompts them to pray at any other time, they may resist the urge because according to their schedules, powerful prayers are made at midnight. Most persons and churches fix their prayers and vigils within that time so as to combat directly with the enemy and thwart their plans before they start their activities. This is out of sync with the scriptures you read, it is also problematic because it is not only faithless, it is also a prayer that is being motivated by fear of witches and wizards. It might be needless to point out that this is out of common reasoning and basic intelligence. How could we have forgotten that there is no time or clock in the spirit world and from GMT Time Zoning, time varies according to locations? So serious demons in the Atlantic oceans doesn’t have to wait for you to sleep for them to meet or disperse information, even original witches and wizards would have learnt to teleport.

You see, this could be another trick of the devil. He is after your sleep. You cannot enjoy God’s peace and rest if you’re awake every night combating with demons. And much more intense does the fear become in the months preceding December and Christmas because we believe the devil grows more powerful and stronger and we ignore other possible causes of the events that occur around this time. As always, Satan, being an attention seeker, makes himself the center of your prayers, distracting you from the scriptures, making you neglect principles, and displaying his tricks as realities to you.

If midnight is most convenient for your individual and co-operate prayers, go ahead but, if you’re aiming at the meeting of the devil and his cohorts, aquatic creatures and mythological mermaids that dwell on land, air, sea and the Atlantic ocean, you have been chained in the mind. Break it!

It’s not the devil, it’s YOU. Shift blames no more. Let’s deal with fear and superstitions.

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