The Fulong Temple and the Wish Pool @ Dujiangyan, Chengdu-Sichuan

Fulong Temple is located at the premises of Lidui park in Dujiangyan. I think I spent the shortest time here. It spoke of certain notable events which occurred centuries ago, depicting the diligence of the Chinese in the preservation of historical structures and their background tales. I didn’t notice many things within the temple and it seemed it is safe for Li Bing’s sculpture and the iron tripod for the flying dragon.

The Wish Pool

Walking down some distance behind the temple was the “Wish Pool”. As the name, so are the activities around it. It is quite disappointing that there wasn’t much information about the Wish Pool on the internet. This is a small pool of water that holds the myth that people who come there to pray and put in some money into the pool have their prayers answered and wished fulfilled. There were different currencies from different countries in bills and coins inside the water, so much money to our bewilderment. While I searched for Naira (Nigerian currency) and a couple of us searched the pool with our eyes for our country currencies, there were a few Chinese persons who stood by the well, muttered some few words very silently, dropped in their money, and left.

It was an amazing sight. I smiled.

That act – saying some prayers and dropping some money (sowing seed) might be familiar to people of some religious belief. I did a lot of that growing up so it was fascinating coming this far to see a Chinese do the same at a water pool. A look at their resolute faces makes me feel how strongly they believe their wishes will be fulfilled.

You, like we were, will be thrilled to see this place. Make a date to visit.

    Dujiangyan city is crowned China’s Most Charming Chinese City, China’s Excellent Tourism City, the Natural Historical and Natural City, Chinese City with the Strongest Sense of Happiness, and China Longevity Village. Tourists can take bus No.1 and 4 or a taxi to the Dujiangyan Irrigation System Scenic Spot. 2. There are buses from Chengdu Chaidianzi to Dujiangyan city Passenger Transportation Center, started at 6:30 a.m. end at 7 p.m.

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