Take no attitude for granted

Take no attitude for granted, people usually introduce themselves by themselves – Oge Patrick

Taking for granted may refer to valuing someone or something very lightly, expecting a particular service to continue without some appreciation and recognition, or underestimating the effects of a thing or an action directly or indirectly.

It’s not always difficult to tell the values of a person when you do not keep waving off noteworthy signals and thinking that somehow, he or she will come around.

Amidst surface fun and deep conversations, do not fail to analyze what you are comfortable or not with, what you can handle or can’t deal with. Many hurts, heightened expectations, disappointments, and heartbreaks can be avoided by being sensitive and mindful of the behaviors of people around us. While it may feel bad to be hurt, remember that they may not have promised much.

There are often several contributing factors to why a person may behave or respond in some way, but do not act oblivious to them, and do not forget that people usually introduce themselves by themselves.