Haven’t I been here before? The Anlan Suspension Bridge

As the story goes, the Anlan suspension bridge was also named the “couple’s bridge” in the honour of a man, He Xiande and his wife, who proposed its rebuilding after it was burnt down during the war that marked the end of Ming Dynasty. We got on the suspension or the shaking bridge when we... Continue Reading →

Making a Difference

There was a little plant in the desert where all was dull and sad looking. It was growing by itself, enjoying every day and saying to the sun, “when shall I grow up?” and the sun would say, “you will soon be grown up, be patient. Each time I shine on you, you grow a... Continue Reading →


A little mouse became tired of moving on ground and hiding in people’s houses, so he decided to climb a high building made of glass, and live in the houses of wealthy people. He said to himself, “If I reach the apex, I will be highly respected by my peers.”                 “Take the stairs”, his... Continue Reading →

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