As a young girl, I loved books deeply – from the pieces of it to its bounded forms - novels and magazines and to several other forms of printed literature, most of which I never read but had taken pleasure in arranging. Not particularly because I was intelligent, but because in many ways and for... Continue Reading →

Quarantine Solitude

Today, in a long timeI enjoyed the luxury of having nothing to doNo to-do lists, No stringent plans Just eat, sleep and self-talk Talking to myself is helpful,Succor and relievingA time to thaw out emotionally --- to me The “me” that will always run back to meThe “me” that is always patient with me This... Continue Reading →

Is this you…in some way?

Stanley, Sad. Stanley wasn't in his best moods tonight but he's up for a hangout hoping he will feel better. He had applied for a promotion and he was declined a third time. It was a Tuesday evening. Again, he will hang out late on a work day night to ease his mental distress,... Continue Reading →

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