Haven’t I been here before? The Anlan Suspension Bridge

As the story goes, the Anlan suspension bridge was also named the “couple’s bridge” in the honour of a man, He Xiande and his wife, who proposed its rebuilding after it was burnt down during the war that marked the end of Ming Dynasty. We got on the suspension or the shaking bridge when we... Continue Reading →


Flowers frown Plants brown Degree varies Weather stymiesIt dawned on me just nowThat soon you will a bowAnd then you will fallInto the cold like a ball


I was minding my business At a grocery store Stuffing up my carts And trying choice stuffs up My love for bright colours Was obvious from my choice of stuffs Hanging seductively down my cart As I pushed to a corner in carefree estacy. Then I noticed some attention A focused visual sense and store... Continue Reading →

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