Why you should learn Chinese Mandarin: 4 WHYs.

A few years back when I started learning the mandarin, a couple of persons asked me, “Why did you choose to learn Chinese?”, “Why Chinese, of all foreign languages? ”, and quite a hilarious one was, “China is over-populated, you will not see a space to place your feet” (Each time, I remember this one,... Continue Reading →

How to learn the Chinese language as an adult

Just like with other second or third language acquisitions, learning the mandarin can be overwhelming, demand a lot of commitment and interest but here’s how to make it 1.     Relax your nerves. Learning a new language comes with a lot of tension and nervousness, and Chinese, with the complex outlook of the characters, is not left out... Continue Reading →

Chinese Pronouns

Lessons on "Survival Chinese with Oge" equips students and viewers with important basics for beginners and appreciable knowledge to travel to China and also hold a conversation with native speakers. BASIC PRONOUNS IN THE CHINESE MANDARIN Singular Pronouns      wǒ  -  我  - I, me      nǐ    -  你 - You     ... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Survival Chinese with Oge

This is a new series aimed at guiding Chinese language lovers to learn the Chinese mandarin with ease. As with learning other languages, Chinese mandarin demands some level of interest and commitment but this series is out to make it better and easier for all learners. Really? YESSSSS! I believe learning in bits for most... Continue Reading →

Dujiangyan, Chengdu, Sichuan

Full Video below The tour around Sichuan province was amazing and so was the Dujiangyan (Chinese: 都江堰; pinyin: Dūjiāngyàn). Thinking it through and through now, the irrigation site is one of the few rare accomplishments I have encountered during my few years in China. The story was told of how the skilful Li Bing, the... Continue Reading →

Time Travel – Jinsha Site Museum, Chengdu

With the site found in February 2001, established and opened in April 2007, Jinsha Site Museum (金沙博物馆) is not only the symbolic cultural landscape of profound Chengdu history, but also the indispensable exhibition of ancient Shu civilization (“Shu” was the ancient name of Sichuan) and is one of the millennium and archeological discoveries about the ancient Shu civilization... Continue Reading →

Same class, different lessons

I had an astonishing experience in class last year. I had led my students to see an old, interesting movie, Sleeping Beauty, aimed at giving them some relaxation time, adding some fun to learning, deepening their understanding of the use of certain words and structures and we were to discuss the lessons from the movie.... Continue Reading →

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