Suggested Habits for Year 2020

Suggested habits for 2020
1. Keep a journal
The feeling of success is deep but the feelings when you flip the pages of how you succeeded, notable events that occurred in the year, challenges and how you overcame them, stories and events in your handwriting, is unexplainable.
Your biography to be written by you, what an opportunity.

2020 will be a lot of fun. Don’t miss out.

If you’re on wechat, I can tell you how to join a support group.

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2. Keep track of your personal expenses

Staying on top of your finances can both be challenging and tedious, but for me, I think it’s easier than keeping a diary (through pressing and sad times) but we will discipline ourselves to make both work out in 2020.

Find a way that works for you. It is as simple as dividing a page into 3 – Date, Income and Expenses.
The simpler, the higher the chances that that you will follow up. Don’t make complex tables and calculations you may forget after a while.
Consistency is key

With what?
A notebook will do
A checkbook will do.
A computer spreadsheet is good too.
Your choice.

Analyse your finances at the end of each month. Total your income and expenses. If you’re spending more than you’re earning, you will see it. You can also categorize your expenses and know which one takes most of your money.

It’s possible. Believe me.
If you say it’s not possible, that’s an excuse for poor control and indiscipline and you’re not any of the above. Give it a try first. We are together in this.

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3. Make daily to-do lists
A powerful way of taking charge of your day is by listing numerically all anticipated, realistic activities or tasks for your day and following through to accomplish them.
You may or may not list them in order of importance but your day on paper is an approach that pulls you towards prioritizing.
Making to-do lists is another pull on self-discipline, increases your sense of accountability, helps you delegate work you cannot do, and also helps with rescheduling activities.
Again, there is a deep feeling of joy when you rule out a task after a task and at the end of the day, your tasks are all rules out or almost. It leaves you feeling productive.
It also really facilitates good sleep, trust me.

With What?
Basically, a paper and a pen.

Start with writing a date, and then continue with things you need to get fine for the day. Rule out completed tasks after completion or at end of day.

Some of the days, you may forget to look at the paper but don’t worry, with time, you will get better at it.
I don’t win everyday but sometimes I do. Join me. You can start making plans for yourself and your team.

Happy New Year Eve
I’m excited for 2020.