I was minding my business

At a grocery store

Stuffing up my carts

And trying choice stuffs up

My love for bright colours

Was obvious from my choice of stuffs

Hanging seductively down my cart

As I pushed to a corner in carefree ecstasy.

Then I noticed some attention

A focused visual sense and store

On me and on a part of me

It was first of pleasure and then, desire.


The stare was on my something –

My something in pink

Slightly v-shaped and sticky

Mouthwateringly sweet and sensuous.

As dusk approached

We were the only ones at the store

And so was my something

He wanted it badly but there was none left

I gave him what he desired

He smiles and placed a kiss on it

That must be a thank you

With a kind and gentle demeanor,

He pulled down its pink wraps

Caressed the edges with his tongue

And then took it all into his mouth

My heartfelt great warmth

As he licked my gift of a thing

And in his eyes is clearly

Some glimpse of the content

It was night and the store was to shut

But he would not be done at a spot

As we left, he wrapped it all backup

And asked if he could take me to his mum.