Making a Difference

Making a difference

There was a little plant in the desert where all was dull and sad looking. It was growing by itself, enjoying every day and saying to the sun, “when shall I grow up?” and the sun would say, “you will soon be grown up, be patient. Each time I shine on you, you grow a little.” The little plant was so pleased because it will have a chance to become a huge tree and bring shelter to many people. And this was all it wanted to do – become a little shelter for people.

One day, a farmer came by and stepped on the little plant. It was going to die and it was very sad. It wasn’t sad because it was dying but because it would never have a chance to provide a little shelter for the few humans that pass through the desert.

God looked down and saw the little plant and thought it should be living, so he reached down and touched it – and gave it a second life.

Finally, it grew up to be a huge tree with wide extending branches. And this corner of the desert became a resting place for passersby. People were happy because of the little plant.