A little mouse became tired of moving on ground and hiding in people’s houses, so he decided to climb a high building made of glass, and live in the houses of wealthy people. He said to himself, “If I reach the apex, I will be highly respected by my peers.”

                “Take the stairs”, his mother suggested.

“That’s too easy, mother”, he replied.

“But the tower is very high, and there are no holes on the walls”. This, his concerned father said. But the little mouse insisted and left for his once in a lifetime adventure.

He climbed tirelessly for many days but would fall down after reaching a certain height. Because the walls were made of glass and there were no holes to hold on to or hide in and rest for some time while he climbed, the little mouse kept falling down again and again.

If you have multiple habits that you want to build, and/or heights you want to attain, begin with the ones that are easiest to start with, rather than completely trying to change your life all at once.

The work, the stress will always be there. There’s always something that comes up, conditions that change, something that needs to get done – (Janet Choi). And with all these comes the feelings of not doing enough.
Ensure not to burnout !

Start with what is easiest for you. Do not try to overturn your life all at once. You may end up doing nothing.