How to set healthy boundaries

Healthy boundaries are not walls, they are the gates and fences that help you enjoy the beauty of your own garden – anonymous. Many people are in a difficult places, filling in many roles and being many things to many, different people, except themselves. Boundaries define us. They define what is you and what is... Continue Reading →

Sichuan Opera – Face Changing Skills

The face changing skills known as "变脸 biàn liàn" is another unique skill and important aspect of the Chinese opera. As the faces display the emotional changes of the characters, the face changing techniques appear like magic to the wonderment of the audience. The performers just wave their arms or twist their heads, and their... Continue Reading →

Suggested Habits for Year 2020

Suggested habits for 20201. Keep a journalThe feeling of success is deep but the feelings when you flip the pages of how you succeeded, notable events that occurred in the year, challenges and how you overcame them, stories and events in your handwriting, is unexplainable.Your biography to be written by you, what an opportunity. 2020... Continue Reading →

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