Planted, Not Buried

Sometimes when you’re in a dark place, you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.” ~Christine Caine

Amber Helt said:
If you feel deprived of your creative outlet, don’t panic. Your creativity hasn’t died, it’s simply maturing in your subconscious. So the very first step to escaping the claustrophobic feeling of being buried in the darkness is to don a cloak of joyous expectation for the dawn. Just keep your eyes open, heart bare, and trust that when you sprout from this dormant season, you’ll bloom bigger and brighter than ever before.

If it is dark all around and you cannot see your growth,
You ain’t dead,
You weren’t buried,
You were planted,
And soon, You shall sprout and bloom.

2 thoughts on “Planted, Not Buried

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  1. This is soul lifting. Yes planted, not buried. More like the wilderness experience. A time when there is so much input yet the output is nothing to write about. A time when one needs to constantly encourage himself. A waiting period. Its so unfortunate that it is during this stage of life that most of us begin to lose hope.

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