A “Pledge to Me” Series -sticking with abuse no more

The story can be told this way, as brief as the teller could possibly be. It was one year today when a form of relationship that shouldn’t have existed began. One of them was certain about the weak sustainability of the relationship, but that a trial wouldn’t be bad was the thought.
And so it began – a roller-coaster of arguments, pains, denial of wrongs, emotional abuse, grudges, negative energies out-weighing the few moments of laughs, high hopes and peace, and after a short while, it was going down the drains.

Abuse is real and unsticking from it can surprisingly be difficult. For reasons of religion, culture, fears of being alone, hopes that things will get better, thoughts of what people will say, the phobia of being termed as weak, intolerant or impatient and many more make certain people stay back in traumatizing bonds.

If this is similar to your case, you might assume no one understands the peculiarities of your situation, but Salvation comes to those who open their hearts to it.
You may place your hand on your chest and say with me, ” I shall stick with abuse no more.”

It might take a while
Keep saying it until it sinks into your subconscious and you receive the inner energy to do what is right for you.

Remember that Now and Ever, you’re not alone !

8 thoughts on “A “Pledge to Me” Series -sticking with abuse no more

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  1. say no to abuse,of anykind
    learn to work away and stop.assuming everything will be all right,not always easy but you need to
    #be strong#
    selflove is always d best, never allow anything or anybody to make you look less important
    someone is out there admiring that ur week point.
    #be strong,i said be strong#

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  2. My questions are:

    (1) How can the victim of abuse know when its time to walk away?

    (2) Should people have zero tolerance for abuse?

    (3) Is a healthy relationship completely free from abuse e.g emotional abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse etc?

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    1. Hi Agarry Israel,
      Interesting questions.
      1. This can be difficult, but you will know. When you have made efforts to call situations to orders, when same events repeat with no improvements, when you are not comfortable with how you are being treated, before it starts affecting your sanity and mental health, that may be the time to distance yourself from the abuser.

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    2. 2, If one can develop zero-tolerance for abuse, that will be awesome, and that refers to all kinds of abuse – sexual abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, drug abuse, physical abuse, and other kinds. A zero-tolerance attitude reduces the chances of a recurrence and calls the attention of the abusers to the particular thing(s) they did, which they may not have taken some thoughts on. Some times,it could be unintentional.
      Abused people abuse, it runs like a chain, until the individual deliberately and consciously cuts the chain, so it’s important to call a person’s attention to how he/she treated you which you weren’t comfortable with.
      Now, I’m not suggesting being uptight, unfriendly or have excessive rules, but if cruelty and bad behaviour is familiar to you, you may be comfortable being stomped over so it becomes of paramount importance to set healthy boundaries.

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    3. 3. Is a healthy relationship completely free from abuse e.g emotional abuse, verbal abuse, mental abuse etc?
      Ideally, Yes. But it might be truer and more realistic to say that a healthy relationship is WORK IN PROGRESS. If the persons are willing to respect each other, deliberately reflect on why they act the way they do, grow past those experiences and walk towards healing from their traumas, it can be a beautiful thing.

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